Schematic Floor Plans

A client recently approached me with the request to create floor plans illustrating the expansion of her current home. The project is residential in nature, located in Independence, Missouri; and currently represents an eclectic mix of additions and improvements throughout the history of the one-story house. The expansion essentially extrudes the East facade 10ft0in into the back lawn. She had several criteria for her imagined residence.

1. Create a large Dining space, with a skylight above, for the purpose of entertaining her large family (specifically grandchildren). Utilize an open concept with a large, central island for the sink. 
2. Relocate the laundry appliances from the basement to the main living level. 
3. Expand the Master Bedroom, and include a walk-in closet. 
4. Reconfigure the floor levels into one, unified plane. There are currently several inconsistent changes in elevation; between the Kitchen and Living space, and Master Bedroom and Office area. 

The result is the following plans, which aim to communicate intent for building permits and construction contractors.

Published on by Matthew LaBreche.